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 Vampese Language

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PostSubject: Vampese Language   Wed May 04, 2011 4:07 am

There is much debate about the validity of vampires as a species. This is because there is no localised vampire language. However, this can be put down to two causes:

Cause 1.
For a language to continue there has to be a localised population with which to speak the language. i.e. same continent.

Cause 2:
Why is it that vampires born in England speak English, whereas vampires born in China will speak Chinese. Take it this way, why is it any child speaks the language of the country it was raised in. Is it not obvious that this language is bred into the child. Same with vampires.

The reason vampires do not speak a globalised language is that no language can exist without people to speak it. In an area where that language can continue being spoken. Vampires are so spread out that a local language died out centuries ago.

There are however a series of sounds indigionous to all vampires. This non-verbal language we shall call: Vampese. I shall endeavour to list these and give meaning.


Looking at a vampire and giving a sharp inhale through the nose – a challenge or provocation.

Looking at a vampire and giving a slow inhale through the nose – a sign of strength and security. I don’t fear you.

Using the tongue and the teeth to make a “th” – is an insult, sort of like saying “shit”.

Pronouncing a longer “th” with the mouth open – is an insult, like saying “ fuck or bastard.”

Producing a clicking sound – is like saying yes or agreeing.

Producing a sharp “ch” – is a dismissal or blasé attitude.

Producing a long “tss” - is a mating call or seduction.

Producing a rough “hrr” – is a call to arms or aggressive posture. ( normally followed by clenched fists)

Producing a purring “hrr” ( female only) – is the reply to the mating call.

Producing a sound rough “haa” – is almost like a laugh, could also be like a provocation.

Producing a “ra’ ma” – introduction like saying “ my name is…”.

Producing a “cho da” – is like saying “well met” or “hello”.

Producing a rough“lah” – is like saying you’re hurt.

These are only a few of the remaining Vampese recognisable expressions. Centuries of in-breeding and cross population with humans has completely destroyed the base vampiric language.

We must continue to research and uncover the remaining non-verbal Vampese language or it would be lost forever.
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PostSubject: Re: Vampese Language   Wed May 18, 2011 6:01 am

I love this and I believe that it will help other vampires in knowing what the vampiric language was based on.

Thanks for sharing this information with us. Cool
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Vampese Language
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